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Because Skodas are the most reliable!

Czech motoring brand Skoda have continued their 21st century success story by recording a continued growth of 1.8 in 2015, along with sales toppling 1.06 million cars. The future of the now well respected manufacturers looks bright, after a huge rebrand at the turn of the century transformed sales figures and Skoda’s general perception.

Indeed, in recent years, Skoda has transformed themselves into a truly worldwide brand, with factories based as far and wide as India, China and Russia. The most recent addition to the Skoda factory family was born in Bratislava in 2011, and featured as part of the production line in Volkswagen factories in both Ukraine and Kazakhstan later that year.

Sales in Australia have rapidly increased, with an increased focus on behalf of the company in a part of the world they hadn’t yet explored. Described as a ‘thinking person’s brand’ by the brand’s marketing team, they sold 2,128 Octavia models from what was more or less and standing start, an impressive return for ‘Australia’s best kept secret’ in the motoring world.

In 2015, the brand was voted the most dependable brand in the UK because of it reliability and Skoda vehicle maintenance costs, a reputation it has held for the best part of a decade. It’s emergence in the UK was the catalyst for growth the globe over, with huge sales figures all over the country, Skoda servicing Leeds to London to Glasgow with high quality, no nonsense and versatile vehicles across a full price range spectrum.

The brand are a forebearer for the green motoring industry, too, with a specially designed Octavia Green E Line having been designed and tested over recent years, likely to hit the market by 2017. The car promises zero emissions and is expected to carry all the reputation of a dependable Skoda with exceptional environmental qualities.

Having split from their game changing partnership with VW in 2011, it remained to be seen whether Skoda would sink or swim on their own, with fears that it might withdraw to its lower performance levels more familiar with the brand in the 1980s. Under the watchful eye of Winfried Valhand and Christian Klinger, this has been far from the case, going strength to strength, with more to come from the brand in future years.

The story is a similar one to that of Kia, who emerged onto Western markets at a similar time to Skoda’s re-mergence with a similarly successful but much different marketing strategy. Instead of an aggressive advertising campaign in the style of Skoda, the Japanese brand focussed themselves more readily on sponsoring major sporting events, stadia and even actors, positioning themselves as a high-quality brand ahead of the experience of their vehicles, which, it transpired, were also of exceedingly high quality.

Kia’s main facilities reside in South Korea across four main plants, but the retain a huge and flourishing global identity with further factories in China, Vietnam, Slovakia and the US. These locations are a throwback to Kia’s long-time existence as a military vehicle specialist, with a keen history in producing hardware vans, jeeps and so on. Their transformation into the mainstream road vehicle market is a huge success story. Kia is in the process of completing a further facility in Mexico, which is expected to produce around 300,000 cars a year. This is expected to be ready for function during the first half of 2016, and aims to represent a huge assault on the North American market.

In a style mirroring Skoda’s partnership with Volkswagen, Kia are owned by Hyundai, who largely preside over their technical operations. This financial clout and brand recognition gives emerging brands huge momentum and assures consumers a level of quality smaller car brands may not be able to reach so early on.

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