Finding A Reputable Mechanic

It’s never an easy time when it comes around to having your car serviced. From finding a reputable mechanic to seeking out one with the required expertise to suit your model of vehicle, it’s a tough gig, and that’s before you start to consider the costs and logistics behind getting the job done. Also with further tax on vehicles due to emissions costs can become even higher.

Finding A Garage Online

In fact, despite the internet making the physical job of searching much easier with their vast search engine algorithms, finding the right garage for what you need has never been harder. Sophisticated garages can often manipulate search engine results in order to raise themselves through the Google results and sit higher than they should, giving the illusion of expertise in a certain field that they might not actually possess.

Simply searching for Fiat servicing Leeds, for example, isn’t enough. People on the lookout for a reputable, conscientious and reasonably priced mechanic in their area should pay more attention to their real world reputation, relying on word of mouth assessments, written recommendations online and personal experience.

Even rating sites, which take an average of people’s experiences and come up with a star or numbered rating, can be manipulated in order to appear better than in actual fact. Mechanics can log on to rate their own service, for example, in order to raise their profile. It’s a common practice with some less than trustworthy traders, and is commonplace in markets such as the restaurant business, hoteliers and manual labouring. Quite frankly, it just isn’t cricket.

What Your Can Do To Find The Perfect Mechanic

There are a few things you can do to best ensure an acceptable service the next time you seek out a garage. Firstly, you should visit the place yourself. This is a vastly underrated technique that gives you a good idea of the type of operation the mechanic is running, by taking a sneaky peek at their working floor, whether the place seems well run and whether it is clean and tidy. It is a widely held, media-led myth that garages are chaotic, oil-ridden pig styes, and you can often tell if a garage is well-run if it is relatively clean and tidy.

Secondly, you’ll get a far better handle of the people you are dealing with in a face to face meeting than in conversations over the phone or by email. As we know in life in general, it’s much more difficult to bend the truth to someone’s face than over artificial communication, and so a personal meeting is a good way of getting to know your mechanic. After all, you could be parting with a fairly large amount of money for a repair on what is presumably one of your most valuable possessions. You need to be absolutely sure you can trust the team working on it.

Now, some people can be intimidated by the garage atmosphere, and this is understandable given the testosterone-laden perception it is so often given in the media. You may be surprised to realise that this is absolutely not the case in the vast majority of garages you’re likely to come across. Mechanics so often rely on their personal image to garner repeat business, and in actual fact are mostly likely genuinely nice people, so this should be nothing to worry about.

How Car Garages Survive

In fact, garages rely on repeat business to survive. Studies suggest that around 72% of people stick with a garage for their entire driving lives after a positive first experience, and the figure increases slightly if that garage is a specialist in a certain model or brand. Be assertive with the mechanic and if you are unhappy with any aspect of their service, feel free to let them know, it’s your money, and it is highly likely they will offer a discount or re-service in an attempt to keep your business next time.