Renault – the Most Successful French Car Manufacturing Company

Cars have been considered as necessity for many individuals nowadays. They have been playing a bigger part of success in people’s lives especially when going to their work on time, meeting a very important client or investor, making source of income, etc. however, there is a need to consider car quality at all times to experience optimal comfort and maximum convenience more often. Low running costs and a local servicing garage with specialists in Renault vehicles can be very important elements when considering buying a long term vehicle.

Specialist Car Manufacturers in France

In France, there are many manufacturing companies who were able to provide a high quality vehicle with servicing, and able to succeed on their chosen industry. One of those is the Renault car manufacturing which was founded in 1899. Its specialist headquarters are located at Boulogne-Billancourt, France. At present the CEO is Carlos Ghosn whereas Louis Renault, Fernand and Marcel are the founders. During the times of these three excellent individuals, Louis managed the company’s production, and his two brothers worked on handling the management. They are really one of the reasons why the company is continuously soaring high and expected to be more effective, and productive in the coming years.

A Versatile Expertise with Special Care and Attention to Detail

The Renault car manufacturing company provides trucks, vans, buses, tractors, and of course cars not only in France but also in the whole world. At present, the company employed well-trained, knowledgeable, passionate, and professional servicing employees for about 129, 070 which serve as one of the manifestation that it’s definitely a huge company in automobiles industry. Furthermore, it is considered as the world’s 4th largest specialist automobile manufacturing company which you can truly make an amazing and excellent investment.

Renault has an alliance and connection to Nissan Motors which is prevalently popular for providing highly advance car technologies, extraordinary and revolutionary design, and models on motor car racing. The automobile manufacturing has introduced its automobile particularly car model on motor racing in order for them to achieve more publicity in the country and others. Fortunately, the company succeeded its very first big break in Switzerland. After that, it had increasingly launched taxis, buses, and other commercial vehicles in World War 1.

Renault Servicing & Manufacturing Influence in the War

During the First World War, the company had designed and made numerous military airplanes and various vehicles. More particularly, the FT – 17 tank was being launched by Renault. When the war reached its end, it was considered as the leading manufacturing company which had given an opportunity to be honoured by Allies in France because it had made extraordinary military designs during those times. Aside from that, it had gradually begun doing engines export to auto manufacturers in America and other foreign automakers. Moreover, during that time the Renault automobile manufacturing company used to provide 26 hp and 40 hp cylinder engines.

A True Specialist Quality and Manufacturing Genious

When it comes to the quality of Renault cars, they are the safest kinds of automobiles in the world. If you are always experiencing anarchy or accident on road, then you will be well-protected whenever using these great kinds of cars. As a matter of fact, the car manufacturing Renault served as the world’s very first manufacturer that had received five stars in the safety tests of the EuroNCAP. Also, these are the same with their other automobiles that have 100 % safety, incredible designs or styles, and are very stunning as a whole.

If you are an automobile enthusiast who has unique preference, requirement or specification, there are a wide variety of models available in the company such as excellent Modus, wheels that have built in living room with eight seats, and cars that have incredible safety. Moreover, they all have the state of the art features like a great environment that is available to all individual passengers. If in case, you want to choose a particular vehicle which you can utilise diesel, 1.9 dci engine is the best. In fact it is the kind which you can save fuel every day.

Renault in the Present Day

At present, the company has various automobile models and one of those is the Renault Captur which belongs to a compact crossover that has marketed in the country in April 2013. Generally Captur is an excellent car. It has design lines that have a wide variety on customisation or personalisation for interior and exterior options. It has new and unique elements such as drawer that looks like a glove box. Also, it has incorporated the standardised voice activation and parking censors. In addition to that there are also a few versions that have seat covers that can be removed anytime you want, navigation satellite system that can be used through touch screen, windscreen wiper, head lumps in an automated manner, and reverse cameras which become the reasons why it has received a rating up to five stars by the tests given by EuroNCAP.

Aside from the quality of the Renault Captur, it can be seen and encountered in all types of Renault automobiles which can assure you that they all passed the safety tests of the EuroNCAP. As a matter of fact they have received the highest rating from the concerned institutions. When it comes to the design, they transformed their cars into something relevant to the people’s changing interests and needs. Compared before, the present design is really appealing and classy which can stand out from other automobile manufacturers in car industry. Also, it is not left behind in designs for the reason that, Renault staffs have powerful background knowledge in this business considering that it has very long years of experience in manufacturing vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, etc.

Benefits of Choosing Your Next Car as a Renault

The whole company makes sure that they use the best and quality materials as possible with all of their manufactured automobiles which can assure you of having great Renault vehicle. In fact, it has been considered as the 4th largest manufacturing company in the world. So, whatever your purpose in buying a particular kind of automobile, you are on the right track with Renault car manufacturing. You are assured enough that you will have a great purchase in the Renault car manufacturing company as it is considered as one of the most successful automobile creator in the world.